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For more than 15 years, ASME has hosted teacher workshops to bring hands-on engineering activities to K-12 classrooms and to bring teachers and engineers together. E-Week 2012– through its coalition of engineering associations, corporate, and government partners – offers a unique forum to celebrate and highlight these grassroots-level initiatives and to ... Read More>>>

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Eastern Florida State College - Planetarium

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EFSC Overview - Welcome1 Observatory17
Table of Contents 2 Planet Wall & Scales18
Big Dipper3 Spectra19
Comets4 - 5 Starlab Outreach20
Craters6 - 8 Turntable21
Foucault Pendulum9 Van de Graaff Generator22
Gaussian Melody10 Whisper Dishes23 - 24
Gravity Well11 - 12
Meteorite13 - 14
Moon Phases & Eclipses15 - 16
'Blue Stonehenge'
UK Archaeologists Discovery.

Archaeologists have released an artist's impression of what a second stone circle found a mile from Stonehenge might have looked like.
The new stone circle is 10m (33 ft) in diameter and was surrounded by a henge - a ditch with an external bank.
Professor Julian Thomas, from The University of Manchester and a co-director of the Stonehenge Riverside Project, said the monument was a circle of bluestones, dragged from the Welsh Preseli mountains, 150 miles away around 5,000 years ago.