Nations of the World  

Provides direct links to the 196 members of the UN and their outstanding ecological Biodiversity and Climate Change Programs. The UN Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme and the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR) combine science, culture and education to reduce the current rate of biodiversity loss for the benefits of both the environment and human populations around the globe.

The Nations of the World Table of Contents

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Nations of the World1 Aya - Japan 27
Welcome2 East Vattern Scarp - Sweden28
Mission Statement3 Baa Atoll - Maldives29
Table of Contents 4 La Selle - Haiti30
Nations of the Worlds - Direct Links5 - 10 Mura Drava Danube - (Croatia/Hungary)31
International Space Agencies11 - 13 Velvet Monkey - Kafa, Ethiopia32
195 Members of UNESCO14 Forests & Waterfalls - Sheka, Ethiopia33
UNESCO Programs15 Songor - Ghana34
UNESCO News16 Mujib- Jordan35
Biodiversity and Climate Change17 Zuvintas - Lithuania 36
Biodiversity Science and Management18 Volga-Akhtuba Floodplain - Russian Federation 37
UNESCO Science Policy19 Blekinge Archipelago - Sweden38
World Network of Biosphere Reseserves20 Ferlo - Senegal39
New Biosphere Reserves21 Roztochya - Ukraine40
Wakatobi - Indonesia22 El Salvador / Guatemala / Honduras41
Jinggangshan - China23 The Island of Principe (Sao Tome)42
Tehuacan-Cuicatlan - Mexico24 Cultural Heritage - In development
Bassin de la Dordogne - France25 Music of Nations - In development
Korgalzhyn - Kazakhstan 26

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Italy risks its worst environmental disaster in more than two decades if the 2,400 tonnes of thick fuel in the capsized Costa Concordia pollutes one of the Mediterranean's most prized and pristine maritime reserves. Seven days after the 114,500 tonne liner capsized off the Tuscan coast, its vast wreck is shifting precariously on an undersea ledge, threatening to slide further and undermining plans to pump the oil out safely. Read More>>>

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